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Check to see if there is more to your snore.

If you snore, suffer from tiredness or sleeping problems, you might have sleep apnoea. If you do, there’s treatment available, so the sooner you get a diagnosis, the better. SleepCheck is a cost-effective in-home check that will tell you if you’re at risk.

SleepCheck is available on the App Store for iOS in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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SleepCheck is CE marked and TGA approved for ARTG listing as a Class I medical device.
Not for sale in the United States.

For use on adults aged 18 years and above. This test is not intended to provide a diagnosis, or be used in the prevention, monitoring, management, treatment or alleviation of any medical condition disease or injury and is not intended as a substitute for a sleep study. This test does not identify risk of central sleep apnoea. The content on the website is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please always consult with a registered healthcare professional.

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